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How OUI can damage a college career

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2024 | OUI/DWI |

Perhaps you were a high school athlete and recruited by a major Massachusetts university to play at the college level. You may have accepted a prestigious grant or scholarship. On the other hand, maybe sports were never your thing, but you received similar offers based on your academic standing. Either way, your performance in college may determine whether you are able to keep your scholarship. In addition to poor grades, external issues can affect your college career as well, such as facing OUI or other criminal charges in court.   

Having to call your parents or guardians to say that the police have taken you into custody for suspected OUI is an experience no college student wants. It’s understandable that you might feel embarrassed or ashamed, knowing that your parents worked hard to help you get into the school of your dreams only to now have your scholarship, and perhaps your enrollment, at stake. The good news is that there may be ways to help mitigate your circumstances, especially if it’s a first offense. 

An OUI can have far-reaching implications 

Facing OUI charges in college can have both immediate and far-reaching effects. If you play sports, your coaches might suspend you. You might lose your job if you miss work for court appointments. You might also have trouble finding a new job if there’s an OUI conviction on your record. Dealing with the legal system might cause you to fall behind in your studies or miss an important class or test.  

You might incur several of these implications simultaneously, causing severe stress. If you come from a prominent family in your community, news of your arrest might begin to circulate back home, which could have negative implications for your parents, either in business or their private lives. The sooner you enlist defense support, the better able you might be to obtain a positive outcome in court. Restoring your reputation and standing in your community might take time, but it’s still possible.  

If you lose your license or go to jail 

If the court suspends your license to drive in Massachusetts or you undergo a conviction that includes a jail sentence, getting things back on track in your college career might be tough. While avoiding OUI charges is easiest when you abstain from alcohol, you wouldn’t be the first nor last college student to face an arrest. If this happens to you, try to stay calm and tap into all available resources to help you build a strong defense.