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Don’t Let A Drug Crime Conviction Derail Your Life

People from all walks of life can find themselves facing arrests for drug crimes. Whether the reason why they had the drugs relates to experimentation, pain relief or desperation, a conviction carries heavy consequences. A permanent criminal record can lock you out of housing and job opportunities, make it harder to attend the college of your choice, and diminish your standing in the community.

The drug crime attorneys at our firm, Ohlson & Ohlson, Attorneys at Law, offer compassionate, nonjudgmental representation. We’re here to ensure your due process rights are respected and that you receive any help you may need.

Consequences Of Drug Crimes In Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes a strong stance against the possession and distribution of many types of controlled substances. Drugs defined as “Class A” under Massachusetts’ classification system – which can include possession of fentanyl, heroin and morphine – often carry mandatory minimum sentences if you are convicted.

Possessing a prescription drug with a high potential for misuse or abuse without a prescription is also considered a crime. Possession of large amounts of a controlled substance can result in trafficking or intent to distribute charges, which can lead to even higher fines and longer prison sentences.

Drug Crime Defenses And Sentencing Alternatives

At Ohlson & Ohlson, Attorneys at Law, our attorneys take an aggressive approach to defending our clients, and drug cases are no exception. We carefully examine the possible defenses for your circumstances. If law enforcement overstepped its bounds during your arrest, we will attack the prosecution’s case with vigor.

Our legal staff has also helped many defendants facing drug charges get the help they need to recover from addiction issues. Massachusetts has more than two dozen drug courts, which offer intensive probation, recovery support and mandatory drug testing to encourage leaving a drug dependency in the past.

Our Goal Is A Win For You

A drug crime conviction can devastate the life you’ve worked so hard to build. Our firm’s attorneys utilize their experience in the Commonwealth’s district and superior courts to create a defense that helps you move on with your life. Call us in Reading today at 781-214-7398 or use our online contact form to set up your free initial consultation.