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Sex Offender Registry

If you are convicted of a sex crime in Massachusetts, you may be required to register under the terms of the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Law. This law contains many specific reporting requirements that make the ramifications of a sex offense last far longer than any statutory period of incarceration. For some crimes, you may be forced to register for the rest of your life. At Ohlson & Ohlson, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers recognize the tremendous burden these reporting requirements lead to, and we work vigorously to reduce the likelihood of your charges resulting in this consequence.

Who Must Register

In Massachusetts, there are more than 30 criminal charges that result in an accused being classified as a sex offender. These charges range from indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and rape to drugging persons for sexual intercourse, possession of child pornography, and human trafficking.

There are also three levels of classification, from a Level 1 to a Level 3. The facts of your case will determine the classification. Level 1 is the least severe, and you can register by mail. If you are classified as a Level 2 or 3 offender, you must register in person with the local police.

Live, Work Or School

The registration requirements are broad; they cover any sex offenders if they live, work or go to school in the state. These requirements are “disjunctive;” you must register for all that apply. Even if you live outside the state, if you cross the border for school or work, you must register with Massachusetts. You also must register if you were convicted outside of Massachusetts and you move to the state.

Personal Information

You must provide a detailed list of your name, any aliases, address and secondary addresses, every place you work, date and place of birth, physical characteristics like Hight, weight, eye and hair color, scars and tattoos. For Level 2 and 3 offenders, you’ll also must visit the police station to be fingerprinted and photographed, and this is an annual requirement.

Violations Of The Requirements

For anyone classified with a reporting requirement, the risk is that you fail to report and then are found in violation. In many cases, if you change jobs, move or go to a different school, you may have as little as two days to notify the police or you could be prosecuted for failing to comply, and the penalties for this include up to 5 years on a state prison.

Our attorney is very knowledgeable with these matters and can provide experienced representation from the very beginning of a case, working to protect your rights and avoid the most severe consequences of criminal sexual charges.

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