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Collateral Consequences of Sex Crimes

One of the challenges to any one accused of a sex crime is the broad array of additional negative consequences that follow from simply being charged, let alone, convicted of a sexual-related offense.

It can damage your relationships, your employment, even potentially affecting where you can live. After you complete any incarceration, the reporting burdens, if you are required to submit to the sex offender registry (SOR) can be very stressful.

Burdensome Reporting Requirements Of The SOR

In Massachusetts, you must register within two days of moving, you must provide an exhaustive and descriptive list of your names, addresses, vehicles, and physical characteristics. You must notify police anytime this information changes. Even if you are homeless, you must verify your shelter information every 30 days.

Violations of these requirements can trigger a new prosecution and lead to reincarceration.  Our attorney at Ohlson & Ohlson, Attorneys at Law understands the expansive threat to your liberty these charges represent and can help you minimize the long-term damage that may result.

We can help by investigating the circumstances of the allegations, work to create an aggressive defense and protect you by stopping all contact with police or media, who may be more interested in sensationalizing the accusations. Whether you have been charged with assault or another sex crime, you deserve protection. We can help give you the protection and security you need.

You Cannot Handle This Yourself

The criminal justice system is intimidating and complex, especially when dealing with sex crimes. The less you say to everyone except your attorney the better. This means as soon as you are aware of the charges or have been arrested, you should contact our attorney.

This is because we can then handle all communication with the police, prosecutors, investigators and anyone else. You may believe you are entirely innocent and may feel the need to explain and defend yourself.

This is never a good idea. You may be outraged and angry or fearful and upset. Emotions can run high and everything you say can provide material for a determined prosecutor to build into a damaging series of questions during a trial.

Don’t Hesitate To Call

You may think you can “control” the allegations or you can minimize the risk. Don’t! Call our lawyer at 781-214-7398 and we can immediately begin protecting your rights. You can also email us to get in touch, if that works better for you.