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How can a DUI charge hurt your career?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | OUI/DWI |

Being convicted of a DUI in Massachusetts can have long-ranging effects on your career. If you are employed in a professional position, such a conviction can result in your immediate dismissal. You may then find it very hard to even get a job interview. Your DUI will follow you like a very bad smell.

A DUI can cause damage to your reputation

One of the worst effects that an OUI can have on your reputation is to make a potential employer wary of deeper issues. They may assume that you are still in the midst of struggling with an addiction to alcohol. The worst part is that they may simply see the DUI charge on your record and then discard your resume. This is true even if you are not convicted.

The social stigma of a DUI can follow you around for a very long time. This is even more true in the age of digital background checks. Your best bet is to avoid drinking and driving in order to sidestep this hassle.

You can challenge the results of a DUI test

One way to contest a DUI charge is to challenge the reliability of your DUI test results. This will give you a chance to avoid the prospect of a DUI conviction being entered onto your permanent record.

You may be able to prove that the officer who gave you the test was not trained to properly administer it. It may be that the equipment used to take the results was in poor repair. You can also claim that the results of the test were mishandled. Being able to present compelling evidence is one way to avoid a conviction.